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In short: Entrollment aims to spread the slythu-mindset in the web towards our own glory ^^

The rules are more than simple:
• you feel a Slytherin.
• you download the code and link it to Slytherins, if you have website.
• you fill in the form
• ... and ready;) When Mal checks the correctness of your application, you will receive an owl with confirmation of the addition.

Why is it worth joining Slytherin Enrollment? Because we want to gather all Slytherins who feel like being following the philosopy of the snake and we want to give them a chance to show their pride :)

Please use the form below for joining the fanlisting. Please hit the submit button only once. Your entry is fed instantly into the database, and your email address is checked for duplicates. Passwords are encrypted into the database and will not be seen by anyone else other than you. If left blank, a password will be generated for you.

If you encounter problems, please feel free to .

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