"milk and honey - beads and rocks"

We are the airy April Sprites who paint the orchard pink and white

Hello, dear fair folk! As you can see, I made a clique, to which you can sign, choosing which kind of fae you are :)
You don't need a website to join. But if you have one, please put a button or link to this site, so more sidhe can find this cozy place.

Script used: Enthusiast (3.2.x)
Last updated: 14th July 2024
Member count: 48, with 0 pending

So you seek help, a spell made you dizzy? Here are kinds of fae, you can - for example! - choose from:
You can sign as air folk, earth folk or fire folk! Or daoine sidhe, banshee, sprite, nymph, selkie or kelpie! Or a member of seelie or unseelie court! Or a fae folk only unique to you :) It's all your choice!

Project Clique